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Your discovery call with our team to see which package best suits you.


Your package is agreed, quote signed & invoice issued.


Your website discovery meeting, discussing design, content & your client & candidate journey.


Our team begins website development on a temporary domain.


Your draft website is received & reviewed with further amendments following.


Your final draft is agreed, followed by integrations and website & mobile responsive testing.


Your hosting is set-up, domain transferred, and website is live.


Your website document is received including your website logins and a how-to guide.

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Start Up.
Website strategy meeting
One-page website
Multi-page website
Custom-built website
Full design & development
Content & copywriting
Images & graphic design
Hosting & DNS set-up
Contact forms & CV upload
Privacy policy
Local job board
Embedded code link
Embedded job board
(End point API integration)
Blog/Resources page
Candidate/client login
Custom integration
Up to 1 hour of
maintenance per week.
Front & back end support
Content changes
Page ammendments
Website hosting support
£200 + VAT*

For those who want added
security and the flexibility of
website maintenance.

You don’t have to, it’s optional

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*Monthly payments, invoiced on 1st of each month. Initial 6 month commitment, followed by rolling contract. See FAQs for more information.

What the

What platform will my website be built on?

'Webflow' - a CMS similar to WordPress

What costs are associated with a website?

There’s our fee for the build, starting from £3,500. Then there’s your domain, which you may already have. If not, they start at around £10 per year. Finally, your website hosting – this is different to your email hosting. We require Webflow hosting, this will cost roughly £210 per year, with monthly payments available at approximately £23 (pricing can differ depending on exchange rate). Our optional Website Maintenance package is a monthly fee of £200.

Will you help with hosting and transferring our domain?

Yes, all of our packages include hosting set-up and the transfer of your domain. We will set up a Webflow hosting account using your details, with you retaining full ownership. Under our Website Maintenance package, we will continue to support with web hosting once the website is live.

How long until I have to pay?

Once your quote has been e-signed, you will receive an onboarding email requesting invoice details. You will then be issued an invoice dated to the signing of the quote. Payment terms are 14 days from data of invoice. The same payment terms apply for Website Maintenance, invoiced on the 1st of each month.

I already have a website, can you restyle and update my existing one?

Unfortunately not, our team only work on websites built by Bristow & Hardy.

What's the website guide?

This is a document containing your website login details and basic website support guidance.

Can my website be linked to my CRM?

Yes, all of our packages include CRM and other 3rd party integrations. Embedded code link allows us to take a section of your application and show this on your website, although does not include design capabilities or any other flexibility. Endpoint API provides an integration suitable for most scenarios, including font-end design capabilities (although limited to the restrictions of the CRM Endpoint). Our Agency package is limited to 1 Endpoint API integration per website. Custom integrations (included in our Agency + package) provide fully custom integrations and design, or more than one Endpoint

Is the Website Maintenance really worth it?

To us, there are 2 main benefits:

1) It’s a lot like an insurance policy. Ideally, you want to pay for the website and hosting fee and not worry about changing it for a few years; and most the time that is the case. However, websites need maintaining, updating and backing-up as they can go down. Our package minimises the chance of this happening and ensures that if the website does experience ‘downtime’, our team will be working on a resolution.

2) Companies change and so do websites. Although our Website Maintenance doesn’t include a full re-design, it does include up to 1 hour each week to be used on basic changes including, front & backend support, content & image updates, updating of software & integrations, page amendments and website hosting support. On average, please allow up to 1 week for website maintenance changes, unless otherwise specified.

What isn't included in Website Maintenance?

Projects that exceed the 1 hour per week allowance. In our experience this is only really certain integrations and the development of new pages. Duplicating existing pages with amendments would be covered under our package. However, depending on the size of project, the development of new pages or website sections will often fall out of our Website Maintenance package.

What if I need support with something outside of the package?

Not a problem, we can still help. Our team will speak with you about what is needed, discuss internally with development and return to you with a custom quote, starting from £350.

What if I want a new website?

That would be considered a new project and would have to be purchased separately.

Are all Agency+ websites £10,000 or more?

No, but in most cases they are. Our Agency + package comes with custom quoting.

I purchased a Start Up website, but now I need Agency

We’ve got you, packages can be upgraded for £3,000. Our package upgrade allows for your website to be expanded into a multi-page site with all of our Agency add-ons. The same website style would have to apply as this is upgrading your current website, rather than building a new one. New website design & structure would be considered a new project. Just speak to a member of our team who can advise more.

I have an Agency website, but I now need Agency+

Depending on what features are needed, this can start from £2,000. Website updates that fall under our Agency+ package are usually more complex. As a result, speak to our team and we’ll get back to you with a custom quote.

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