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Bristow & Hardy

More than just an agency...

Established in 2018, Bristow & Hardy has organically grown into a leading digital agency, specialising in recruitment marketing. Originating from a foundation deeply rooted in recruitment, our growth has been a story of continuous development and refinement.

Today, we stand proudly as an agency that understands what works and what doesn’t. And it’s all down to over 5 years of evolution, both in our in-house team and return-driven processes.

But that isn’t where we started.

Our Story.

Chapter 1.

Recruitment Roots

Our founders, George Bristow and Sam Hardy begin their careers within the recruitment sector, working for a UK-based, IT recruitment agency.

It was here the concept of Bristow & Hardy was envisioned.

Chapter 2.

From Vision to Reality

Inspired by their experiences and the vision nurtured over their time in the recruitment sector, March 2018 marks a significant chapter for our founders, George & Sam.

In a garden shed in Stockport, Greater Manchester, Bristow & Hardy is born.

Chapter 3.

Foundations to First Office

In the initial months following Bristow & Hardy's launch, our founders roles are split. George, with a focus on generating Bristow & Hardy’s initial clients and Sam, with a focus on service delivery and the foundations of what will eventually become our market-leading processes.

Simultaneously they begin to develop Bristow & Hardy, through attending events, conducting research, and building the beginnings of a key contact base.

In January 2019, Bristow & Hardy transitions from shed-based operations to our first office and marketing hire.

A move symbolising the beginning of our expansion, both in vision and team.

Chapter 4.

Things Go Well

Fuelled by new client partnerships and high service retention, Bristow & Hardy moves to team expansion.

With a growing team, we move into a larger office space, marking the beginning of a potential new stage of growth.

Chapter 5.

Things Go Wrong

Shortly after making new hires and moving to a larger office space, Coronavirus begins, the country is in lockdown, and the employment market is hit.

Almost instantaneously, sales pipeline drops to £0, future client retention looks unsteady, and remote working is compulsory at a critical time of employee onboarding.

Our focus is spent on supporting current clients and ensuring that both old and new members of the Bristow & Hardy team are safe with stable employment. In addition to this, our founders produce free content and downloads, offering support to recruitment agencies who have been forced to run marketing campaigns independently with no budget to outsource or invest in their recruitment marketing.

A decision which at this time is forcing Bristow & Hardy to run with little to no margin. However, in hindsight, a decision that ensures complete staff retention and will eventually bring in new clients who will support our growth at a later date.

Chapter 6.

A New Chapter in the City

The years 2021 to 2022 mark a period of significant transformation for Bristow & Hardy.

Due to our efforts during the pandemic, as the world recovers and employment market rebounds, we experience a surge in new client partnerships, alongside high client retention. This success drives further expansion of our team, welcoming new talent and building new divisions who contribute to our evolving story.

Our response to this growth is twofold: we move into a new, larger office in the heart of the city centre and fully embrace a hybrid-working model. This model not only aligns with the changing dynamics of the modern workplace, but also reinforces our commitment to a flexible and dynamic working culture.

In this vibrant urban setting, our city-centre office becomes more than just a workspace; it symbolises our adaptability, growth, and the bright future that lies ahead.

Chapter 7.

A Strategic Milestone

Bristow & Hardy strengthens its strategic direction with the appointment of an Advisory Board.

Comprising former executives from SThree PLC, Coca Cola, and PwC, their guidance is key to navigating our next chapter.

Chapter 8.

Evolving Our Operations

Our newly appointed Advisory Board begin to influence our operations and company direction.

Starting with our founders’ vision, a refined company growth plan is built, along with an accountability chart.

This chart splits our founders' roles yet again. George, with a focus on visionary exercises and Sam, with a focus on integration.

This new phase of introspection and strategic refinement also marks a thorough review of our company processes and direction, heavily focusing on enhancing both team dynamics and leadership development.

Chapter 9.

Going Global

As Bristow & Hardy continues to deepen its roots in the UK recruitment market, we begin to cast our sights further afield.

The pursuit of new opportunities leads us across international waters, creating new client partnerships in the USA and UAE.

Chapter 10.

The Relaunch

The pinnacle of our evolution.

Over 5 years in the making, through strategic growth, dynamic teams, and innovative revolution, our 3 service lines are crafted.

Recruitment Marketing, Recruitment Websites, and Recruitment Branding.

Return-driven, data-led, technology-infused campaigns. Built to revolutionise the recruitment industry.

Our most recent chapter, until the next.

Our Story.


Recruitment Industry

Our founders, George Bristow and Sam Hardy start their careers in the recruitment industry, working for a UK-based, IT recruitment agency.

March 2018

Bristow & Hardy Established

Starting from a shed in Stockport, Greater Manchester, Bristow & Hardy is established.

Janurary 2019

First Office & Hire

Following new client partnerships and company growth, Bristow & Hardy takes its first office and marketing hire.


Office Expansion & Additional Hires

Due to both new client partnerships and high client retention, Bristow & Hardy’s team grows and expands to a larger office space.

April 2020

Recruitment Industry

The employment market is hit and company growth is restricted. Both Bristow & Hardy and our clients become temporarily fully-remote.

January 2021

Additional Hires

The employment market begins to recover and additional hires are made, with our team still remote working.

April 2021

Recruitment Industry

An increase in new clients and a lack of lockdown restrictions results in a new city-centre office and a hybrid-working culture.


Office Expansion & Additional Hires

Continued new client partnerships and high client retention results in a further office expansion and additional various hires.

April 2022

Advisory Board Appointed

Our Advisory Board is appointed consisting of ex SThree PLC, Coca Cola & PwC.

July 2022

Process & Leadership Development

Company process and direction begins to be reviewed, as well as both team and leadership development.

2022 - 2023

Additional Hires & Process Implementation

Further hires are made and updated processes start to be implemented including: role accountability, meeting structure, delivery & business development.

January 2023

International Markets (USA & UAE)

Our founders, George Bristow and Sam Hardy start their careers in the recruitment ind

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