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With a consistently growing number of recruiters globally, it is essential that your branding gives the right impression. Whether investing in a Recruitment Marketing campaign or not, as a recruiter your branding reflects your service and is often the main actor behind a client or candidate’s first impression.

What is a recruitment branding?

Very simply, recruitment branding is the visual element behind your recruitment company.

This includes your company logo, what colour-scheme your company uses, what font/typography are in use and how this reflects across your website or social media?

During a recruitment branding campaign there are many factors to take into consideration, here at Bristow & Hardy we assist recruiters in tackling these problems and creating a clear recruitment brand.

Our process


The first stage of any Recruitment Branding campaign is to decide on the message you want to portray. During this section we will take into consideration your industry/industries, sector(s), whether you are client or candidate driven, and what demographic your audience is.

All of this is vital when starting a recruitment branding process.


From here, the next stage is deciding how we are going to change/create your branding to attract this demographic. In most cases this is usually with a new logo. However, this can also be through creating social media banners, website content and more.


Once decided, Bristow & Hardy will partner with you to complete a variety of research including competition analysis and industry analysis. Here we want to find out what you do and don’t like, which will give us an idea of what style of branding will give off the right “message” for your company.


Bristow & Hardy will start designing your new branding, this can take a few weeks as design is subjective. Sometimes branding campaigns can last a week, sometimes a few months. It completely depends on how long not takes you to decide on a final branding. 


Once your branding is complete, Bristow & Hardy will supply you with your new branding document(s) along with a branding guideline that will highlight a variety of rules for you (or your marketing supplier) to follow. By doing so, this will ensure that your branding is consistent, maximising your ROI (Return On Investment) potential.

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