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Over the past few years Video Marketing has become increasingly more popular and important to any marketing campaign. With social media now prioritising video content and the recruitment market becoming evermore competitive Video Marketing is a great solution to this.

What is Video Marketing?

As the name suggest, Video Marketing is very simply marketing your business/service through the form of video.

In most cases a recruiter would produce a video to show their “Unique Selling Point (USP)”. This could be through highlighting your company culture in order to improve internal recruitment, it could be to show you company process for business development purposes or it could be to produce a variety of testimonial videos for candidate attraction.

Either way, Video Marketing shows this in a much more visual and engaging way, whilst also providing you with a verity of content to use for other elements of marketing or recruitment.

Our process


The first stage of any Video Marketing campaign is to decide what we are going to do. We do this by working closely with our recruitment client to analyse the market we are marketing towards, analysing previous/competitors videos and then deciding  on a final approach.


Once decided, the next stage is to plan out the video. This includes: who will be in the video? How long will it be? What audio will accompany each shot? Where do we want to shoot the video? and more.


Following this, the filming starts. Each project is different, however in most cases this stage will last a day or two and will consist of one or more members of the Bristow & Hardy team filming the footage needed, usually at your office or chosen location.


Finally, we have the plan and the video footage. The last stage is to edit the video, convert it into the appropriate format and deliver the final video directly to you.

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