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Not all Recruitment Marketing has to be outsourced. Many recruitment organisations have internal marketing teams, however are unsure of how to maximise their team for candidate and client attraction.

As a result, Bristow & Hardy offer a range of Recruitment Marketing Training courses on a variety of different Recruitment Marketing techniques.

Our Recruitment Marketing Training courses cover all areas of Recruitment Marketing, some of our top courses include…

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one the most common forms of digital marketing and can be a vital element behind both client and candidate attraction. During this Recruitment Marketing Training course, Bristow & Hardy will assist in developing your team’s Recruitment Marketing approach. They will learn how to plan and implement a successful Social Media Marketing campaign and how to monitor this to ensure you are gaining the right clients and candidates.

Following our Social Media Marketing Training, your team will be provided all the tools needed to implement a Recruitment Marketing campaign.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) / Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Your search engine ranking is vital to a recruiter’s online exposure. Here at Bristow & Hardy we provide bespoke training courses explaining how to climb the search engine rankings.

SEO & PPC is so much more than being at the top of Google. Once you are there, then what? During our training course we explain about converting your SEO/PPC leads into new clients and candidates and how to track/monitor this.

Email Marketing

As a recruitment company grows, it can be impossible to keep in touch with all current and previous clients and candidates. 

With our Email Marketing Training, we deliver a full course explaining everything from how to sort your data into appropriate categories and how to create individual campaigns for each section, to designing and developing effective email marketing campaigns, through to sending and monitoring the responses. 

As with all of our training courses, following the completion of the training sessions, Bristow & Hardy will provide your team with all the tools needed to complete everything discussed.

Result Specific Training

Not all training is service-specific, some courses are result-specific. Many of our clients do not release what services they need training on. 

This is fine and instead it can be best to work backwards. Rather than delivering training on a specific Recruitment Marketing Service, Bristow & Hardy can partner with your business to find out which area needs improving and deliver a bespoke course based on this.

This can include improving candidate attraction, client attraction, internal recruitment, offer conversion and more.

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