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How Bristow and Hardy began.

Bristow and Hardy started with two marketing professionals working within the recruitment industry.

With a lack of high quality marketing services available to the recruitment industry, we researched further into asking the question 'why?'.

We realised that the problem didn't necessarily come from one particular source, but more of an all round lack of understanding from marketers about the recruitment industry and how recruitment agencies work.

It seemed to be that many marketing companies didn't really understand what products or services were needed for a successful recruitment-based project and as a result the marketing strategy suffered.

With our previous experience within the recruitment industry, we felt that we would be able to provide companies with a much clearer strategy allowing them to reach their highest potential.

As a result... Bristow and Hardy was born.

Our Team

Pushing Bristow and Hardy forward.

John Stennings

Digital Marketing Executive

Sophie Booth

Analytical Assistant

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