UK hiring activity has surged over the last year, with overall vacancies rising for the fourteenth month in a row in March 2022. With increased hiring comes the need for experienced recruitment consultants, who have the capacity and expertise to help firms find the talent they need amid pressing skill shortages.  

If you’re hiring recruiters, you’ll need to make use of every available tool – and this includes social media. Some recruitment agencies are still hesitant to embrace the full range of platforms out there, preferring LinkedIn over TikTok. Others aren’t properly tapping into the full reach, storytelling and engagement potential that social marketing can offer. 

Let’s run through a couple of the key ways social media marketing can help you attract the talented consultants you’re looking for… 

Showcasing your brand 

Your social feeds should offer a window into your company culture, values and what it’s actually like to work for you. It’s the first place a prospective candidate will go to check you out. This is your chance to raise your profile as a brand and an employer. 

So, take a closer look at your social feeds from a candidate’s perspective, particularly when it comes to communicating your brand’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.  

For recruitment consultants, team dynamics are crucial when it comes to changing roles. After all, not everyone likes to work in a cutthroat, competitive environment where consultants are pitted against each other.  

To attract the kind of people you’re searching for, aim to showcase your collaborative culture instead. For example, focus your posts on a recent hiring campaign where the strength of the team (rather than the individual) was the key to success. 

Engagement through video content 

If you’re not using video content for your recruitment marketing campaigns, you need to seriously consider changing your strategy. Video content on social media gets a whopping 1,200% more shares compared to text-only or image content. Plus, recruiters are reporting that job ads with video embedded are getting 800% more engagement.   

There are lots of ways you can utilise video to attract recruitment consultants. Live Q&A sessions with prospective candidates are a great way to boost engagement and bring candidates into the hiring pipeline. You can also share short digestible career tips from your best recruiters, along with industry best practice and other insights.  

Starting a social marketing campaign for recruitment – first steps 

If you’re starting a new recruitment marketing campaign, it’s important to focus on return on investment (ROI). If not planned and managed properly, social media can be a real time drain for recruiters. This is why you need to develop a clear timeline, set goals and track the right metrics so you can measure progress. 

Here are the first things you’ll need to do: 

  • Identify your target audience, and focus your marketing activities on the platforms they use. Do some homework on the most effective times to post, when your audience is most likely to be online.  
  • Set your goals – are you brand building, generating leads or sourcing candidates?  
  • Choose your metrics. To help you measure success with your social marketing campaigns, you need to set your KPIs. These will be geared towards each specific target you’re aiming for. Steer clear of vanity metrics such as number of likes, and focus on engagement stats instead. These are the insights that show you how you’re converting social media interest into applicants for your vacancies.  

For expert help with recruitment marketing, contact our specialist team here at Bristow & Hardy.   

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