The fourth blog in our Recruitment Marketing 101 series aims to discuss how recruiters can generate leads through Marketing. The ideas are based on what we’ve implemented for our clients across multiple verticals, along with our past experience working in the recruitment industry. Todays blog is targeted at recruitment leaders and marketers working in the industry who are keen to attract more candidates and clients through marketing. The reader will be provided with an overview of the role that marketing plays in lead generation across the recruitment industry, along with three simple tips that can be implemented in agencies. Our recruitment marketing 101 series aims to simplify the marketing process for recruiters, so we’re always open to sharing more advanced ideas for those that require it.

Although most recruiters understand the importance of Marketing, they do not usually see an ROI. In this blog we’re hoping to help you ensure that the time you invest into marketing provides you with an opportunity to generate revenue.

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Recruitment Marketing and Lead Generation:

The relationship between marketing, candidate attraction and client attraction is becoming ever more important across the recruitment industry. What is your agency doing from a marketing perspective to generate leads for your consultants?

In recruitment marketing a lead can come in many different forms. Here’s some of the common examples:

  • Downloads from candidates where they submit their: name, email and phone number in return for something
  • Downloads from clients where they submit their: name, email, email and phone in return for something
  • Clicks throughs from email marketing campaigns
  • Website enquiries
  • Social media likes, comments and enquiries

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3 ways to generate leads through recruitment marketing:

#1 Salary Surveys

Salary surveys are perfect for attracting candidates who are looking for a new role and require information on what renumeration opportunities they may have. Equally, it provides the opportunity to attract hiring managers and HR teams who could become future clients as they look to benchmark salaries.

Here’s a step by step process to building a salary survey:

  • Plan your survey – questions, industry, target market etc
  • Capture data & add to email marketing tool of your choice – we recommend Mailchimp
  • Create a “sign up” form to be used via social media
  • Email campaigns scheduled across one month to capture data
  • Analyse & summarise findings
  • Create a company branded document with findings & results
  • Build a landing page where people can download the salary survey
  • Market out

#2 Whitepapers

This is something that I have had great personal success with in the past. In my previous employer, where I worked for five years, I created a paper that provided small-medium sized businesses with 5 simple to implement employee engagement tips.

The process of creating the paper was to create the copywrite, which was then combined with the content in a company branded document. The purpose of the paper was to provide the audience with a series of free tips and in return receiving their name, email and phone number via a landing page.

That particular paper had over 250 downloads, with around 190 good quality client leads. Off the back of this the paper generated more than £120,000 in revenue.

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#3 Landing Pages

A really great initiative that we’ve seen work well in recruitment is the use of landing pages. In particular consultant landing pages which includes information on each consultant, their recruitment process, the roles they recruit for, testimonials and more.

As recruiters you can create a landing page for anything you like, the key thing is being able to capture candidates and clients details.

Here’s a few landing page ideas:

  • Consultant profiles
  • Whitepapers
  • Salary surveys
  • Reduced fee recruitment offers
  • Competitions


In summary, we understand the importance of recruiters getting a return on investment for the time and money that they invest into marketing. Therefore, the three tips above should hopefully lead to more conversations with candidates and clients.

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Harry Wright

Business Development Manager

Bristow and Hardy


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