“There is no hiding the fact that we are currently in difficult and uncertain times. However, hope is not lost.

We are all hearing the news of redundancies, company liquidation and supplier contracts being terminated early. Despite this, for a large selection of the employment sector, things are looking up.

Bristow & Hardy partner with a range of recruitment companies across the UK and Europe, both small and large, across multiple industries. As a result of our exposure across the employment sector, over the last few days we have been able to conduct a variety of research with business owners across numerous employment industries.

There is no disputing the fact that this will have a significant impact on our economy and as a result of this, company spending across the board has been cut and retained in the hands of its owners. Yet money does not just disappear, it is still there, it’s just a matter of where it should be spent.

The government have recently announced an addition £330 Billion in government funding, of which a huge proportion will be focused towards the Retail and Leisure industries. This is as a result of these industries struggling in their current market. Yet the same economy is also providing certain industries with higher demand.

From Bristow & Hardy’s research, it is clear that in the UK employment sector, certain industries are performing well as a result of the demand that COVID-19 has produced. These industries include Industrial, Medical, Logistics, Manufacturing and more.

The economy has always been built on a Supply & Demand model and now is no different. The difference is that the demand has shifted. It’s too early to tell which industries will benefit more than others, however there is a clear demand-shift in favour of temporary and contract employment over permanent. The same pattern appears to be with seniority, less companies are hiring Senior-level positions. As the employment sector, we have got to meet this demand where we can.

The employment market will remain, it will just be more digital. For many companies the next week will consist of setting up efficient remote working for employees and changing company processes, but what about after that?

Regardless of whether there is a solution to COVID-19, there will come a point when all businesses accept these changes and adapt to their new environment. The same thing happened following the EU Referendum, resulting in an immediate drop of the pound, which over a few days very quickly recovered.

It can be hard to adjust to the digital era. Digital recruitment is different to traditional recruitment. Everything changes, from client attraction and candidate sourcing, to interviews and placements.

To our current clients we say that you could not be in a stronger position with regards to adapting to this change. Don’t hide from it and capitalise in this potential new market, we will assist you in doing so.

To everyone else, we understand that these are difficult times, however we will only come out the end succeeding if we all stick together.

It is for that reason that Bristow & Hardy will be offering free Consultation to any business within the employment sector who has concerns over their business’ survival.

Our specialist team will  guide you through your Recruitment Marketing journey, helping all of us adjust and continue to boost UK employment.

Do not see this as a restriction, see this as an opportunity.

George Bristow


Bristow & Hardy Ltd


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