You’re a Recruitment agency and you need clients and candidates fast; your new business team is working none stop and no luck. Your resource team are struggling to find good quality candidates for that new major client. You need a good Recruitment Marketing strategy.

With a little attention and training, you can turn this untapped resource into a gold mine of inbound client calls and candidates not known previously.

Recruitment marketing

Recruitment Marketing statistics:

Did you know – 83% of candidates are active on Facebook and only 36% are active on LinkedIn.


Interesting right, can you really afford not to use this to your advantage?

What is Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment Marketing is to gain lucrative clients or hard to reach job seekers. This differs from the standard Recruitment practice of creating an advert and hoping for the best, searching the database, or the traditional cold call as it is 100% inbound marketing, meaning the clients and candidates are coming straight to YOU!

Your Recruitment Website

A Recruitment agencies website is the backbone of the company, but time and time again we see Recruitment websites that aren’t optimised for visitors and search engines. Your agencies online presence is being affected by this as users won’t visit, as it’s hard to navigate and it’s invisible to search engines.  If you aren’t on the first page of Google then the traffic to your website is going to be lower compared to your competitors above. By implementing a good SEO strategy you can get your agency as close to the top of Google as possible.

SEO is not dead

Signing up for business directories, hiding keywords etc… Old-school marketers have used these tactics previously for years. Unfortunately for the old-fashioned SEO marketers those guys over at Google change their algorithms regularly and have now made it compulsory to create good content which is easy to read and adds something to the wider community. This makes it great for the reader but the workload for a good marketer has just shot up tenfold.

Now we hear the word backlink A LOT and yes this works for SEO, but we truly believe in content marketing and the rewards you can get from this. Using a selection of tools, you can optimise your Recruitment content and alongside regular posts of similar quality, this can really boost your agencies website in the long term as Google chooses you as a credible source that outputs great content consistently.

Being at the top of Google gives the perception, we are bigger than we are, as the top of Googles search results is normally congested with multinational Recruitment agencies. So, if you are a small Recruitment agency but would love to attract big client names to take your company to the next level, this could be a great start.

Social media Recruitment Marketing

Social media done correctly can be the holy grail of driving traffic to your website. Every recruiter’s dream is to have ten thousand people visiting their site and various social media profiles every month organically (organically meaning that it hasn’t been paid for), but this isn’t something built overnight. Now, the paid avenue can achieve this but its dependant on how much money you wish to spend. For example, we could spend £5 a day and gain 12-18 Facebook page likes a day, not bad right? But think of it this way, if we spent £50 a day we could be looking at a 120 – 150 page likes daily and if we are working in ratios the chances are one or two of those will use your Recruitment services, so this is paying for itself. We then implement a marketing strategy to get great content in front of these followers which could include latest roles and clients/candidate testimonials etc.

Content, content, content

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, content, content, content, this is what most agencies are missing, and I can assure the ones who are getting this content out there are getting a great traffic flow through to their website and social media profiles. Content is also a good way to give your SEO a boost and developing your Recruitment brand. We live and breathe this and love to write engaging articles for the Recruitment industry and our SME clients. This is helping develop companies into educators, newspapers and trusted information sources. This is what we want for constant traffic and exposure.

How to get them reading

There are a few different techniques we can use to make sure we get people reading. What we are really looking for is a like or an even better share or retweet. To do this we have to get it across all platforms and engage with groups that share a similar theme. It works both ways – givers gain. When your content is consistently good you will gain a following of readers who share across their network regularly.

We always stress to Recruiters that interacting with followers daily is an essential task. Humans like social interaction. Getting recognition by commenting on your post or retweeting will make them want to do this in the future. Even if this person isn’t relevant now, they could be in the future – you never know!

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